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My name is Raffaele (aka Raff) I’m a designer with over 8 years experience in the digital industry. I help companies identify problems and design solutions that help them reach their audiences. My drive is curiosity and empathy to understand how people use technologies.

I am a Design Sprints facilitator and a firm believer that creativity happens when we work collaboratively. I am passionate about crafting and running workshops that bring teams together from developers to clients, to share knowledge and be part of the creative process.

I have worked for start-ups as well as international companies such as Dogs Trust, McArthurGlen, PDSA, Cosmos Travel, Rethink Mental Illness.

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I play volleyball in the English league and I volunteer at Akwaaba, a charity for migrants and refugees which I built the website for.  I love travelling and at the beginning of 2017 I took the opportunity to travel for six months. Starting with Australia, I carried on through Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, India and then all the way to South America where I visited Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Bolivia and Peru. You can see some holiday snaps below!

My favourite place?

Difficult to say, however, there will always be a piece of India in my heart! I have had the amazing opportunity to volunteer for Thriveseed, an organisation that educates children living in the slums of New Delhi City.


Raffaele Di Meo

Design, mentoring, workshops, strategies and innovation

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