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My Skills

Throughout my career, I have worked for a diverse range of companies, from start-ups, international corporations to charities. I have developed a great set of skills that allows me to be a versatile and resilient designer. With my knowledge and practice on the end-to-end UX process, I can carefully select the right activities that best allow understanding businesses and users.

User interview

I conduct user interviews in many forms to explore users’ general attitudes, uncover user needs and goals. I believe you shouldn’t ask people if they like your product as it won’t tell anything about the product and about them.

Usability Testing

What users say and what they do are different. That’s why the observation of users is pivotal to evaluate a product. I have run this as Guerrilla Testing, one-to-one office-based, remotely and in labs.

Data analysis

From Google Analytics through Thematic Analysis, I analyse both quantitive and qualitative data. I gather information about the business and analyse them to further understand the problem. Yes, I do love sticky notes and sharpies!


I help businesses to implement optimisation plans from identifying business objectives to design tests to increase conversion rate. I have used tools such as Google Optimize and Optimizely.


I conduct ethnographic research to observe people in their natural settings and uncover different aspects of users behaviour.


This is one of my favourite forms of research which I use with stakeholders, users and internal product teams. I always say that planning is key for a good workshop. Define aims and objectives and then select the right activities.

Design Sprint

Nothing can beat a good Design Sprint to understand the problem and find a solution collaboratively with clients and also internally with the rest of the team. I have run many Design Sprint and even though they are challenging, they always deliver great results.

User journeys and flows

I use both user journeys and user flows to help gain a user-centred approach. I create user journeys to understand how users interact with products to analyse emotions and opportunities. I create user flow to understand how users navigate an interface step by step.

Personas and JTBD

Both tools enable me and the business to summarise everything learned about the users and set a user-led approach. They help to communicate user information easily to business and to internal teams.

Information Architecture

I collaborate with teams, organise a workshop and conduct user testing (such as tree jack) to ensure best results.


Go wild and big is usually my motto but getting creative doesn’t mean chaos. I create moments for myself and the team to explore ideas that can solve problems. I encourage everyone to contribute ideas to drive the design.


I use wireframes as a communication tool to show clients and project teams how ideas can translate into a functional product. I use low-fidelity and high-fidelity wireframes depending on project needs. I use Sketch and Figma.

Visual design

I design pixel perfect experiences that match companies’ brands and elevate products to engage users. I create concepts, explore colours, imageries and fonts to develop design systems and to communicate what the brands are about.


From paper to fully functional HTML, I use prototypes to test ideas with users and evaluate assumptions to ensure solutions solve users’ problems.

Project management

Creativity is a fun part of my job, but I also like getting things done! On some projects, I work independently and I manage my teams’ time. I liaise with clients and ensure that we achieve what’s agreed in the specified timeframe.


I help businesses to identify projects’ vision, challenging briefs and supporting them in aligning this with users needs and goals. I build relationships, support conversations, design workshops to create optimal solutions.

Raffaele Di Meo

Design, mentoring, workshops, strategies and innovation

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