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Hey, I am Raff!
I am a design leader, practitioner, and mentor

I am a UK-based Product Designer with ten years of experience in the digital industry. The products I have designed have touched the lives of millions of people for famous brands such as Amazon, Zara, Uniqlo, Adidas, Nespresso and more. I currently work as Head of Design at Doddle, a tech start-up creating international SaaS enterprise products for businesses like Amazon, Australia Post, and Yamato.

My career took me from business and eLearning to UX. I am passionate about the intersection between business and design, in which I believe user research plays a fundamental part. I also believe in the importance of education in changing people’s lives, and that’s why I mentor designers to be the best they can be, and to fulfil their dreams.

I am an avid volleyball player, and where the sun appears on the shore of England, I enjoy a good beach volleyball match, too.


A few of my thoughts

I want to talk about design maturity, as it has been a heated topic on the old good LinkedIn. I have watched the conversation unfold and learned a lot from what other people shared. It’s a topic close to my heart, as I have worked in businesses without an established UX practice. I have often […]

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What I do

Helping businesses reach their users needs


I break down assumptions and I identify the right problem to create the right solution


I analyse data and identify patterns that allow me to define users needs and goals


I explore solutions to elevate the user experience and are fit for purpose


I create prototypes, gather user feedback and iterate, iterate and iterate

Projects are never the same and processes change too. So, I have a lot of tools in my bag that I can use flexibly to create an exceptional design that satisfies users and help businesses.

Raffaele Di Meo

Design, mentoring, workshops, strategies and innovation

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