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What makes you a Senior UX Designer?

Posted by Raffaele Di Meo on

There’s a lot of talk about titles within the design industry and a lot of confusion about roles and responsibilities. I summarised the comments from a few practitioners on LinkedIn to identify what skills a Senior UX Designer should have.


Know how to produce compelling experiences that are usable and delightful for users and effectively select deliverables that elevate the work


Effectively communicate with clients, present ideas and facilitate workshops

Stakeholders Management

Support clients to scope out projects, create and challenge briefs, evaluate and communicate the right approach to take


Devise quantitative and qualitative research that generates actionable deliverables as part of a project and/or a strategy


Own whole products and projects providing guidance every step of the life cycle in accordance to the business vision and mission

Team management

Understand the value of everyone involved in a project and cater to the team’s needs for the good of the project

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