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  Have you ever been asked in a job interview, “What’s your design process?”. Let’s get straight to the point. It’s a question that shouldn’t been asked, and the reason for that is simple. Thanks for reading Some Designers! Subscribe for free to receive new posts and support my work. It’s ridiculous to think that […]

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This week, I have been doing more IC work than usual. Yep, even though I manage a team, from time to time, I sit in a squad to get discovery and design done. That’s the world of a startup with big ambitions and a small budget! In the last couple of weeks, whilst getting my […]

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Most designers start their career in design because they have a strong passion and enthusiasm for the craft, and they have a natural aptitude for creating beautiful, functional designs. Designers are driven by the desire to create something that will bring joy and utility to people’s lives, and this fuels them to create innovative, meaningful […]

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There’s a lot of talk about titles within the design industry and a lot of confusion about roles and responsibilities. I summarised the comments from a few practitioners on LinkedIn to identify what skills a Senior UX Designer should have. Craft Know how to produce compelling experiences that are usable and delightful for users and […]

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