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I want to talk about design maturity, as it has been a heated topic on the old good LinkedIn. I have watched the conversation unfold and learned a lot from what other people shared. It’s a topic close to my heart, as I have worked in businesses without an established UX practice. I have often […]

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Creating a culture based on feedback is incredibly valuable for businesses, but it doesn’t happen overnight. We all know that feedback is essential. Whether you are a manager or working in a team, giving constructive feedback is a core factor to working together effectively, and it’s the foundation for building solid relationships. In addition, good […]

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Most designers start their career in design because they have a strong passion and enthusiasm for the craft, and they have a natural aptitude for creating beautiful, functional designs. Designers are driven by the desire to create something that will bring joy and utility to people’s lives, and this fuels them to create innovative, meaningful […]

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Raffaele Di Meo

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